What you need to know along the austral road

Traveling along Carretera Austral is a type of tour that everyone should do at least once in their life. The ride is full of breathtaking scenery and incredible places. Despite the problems along the way, it is already a remote area, the whole effort is worth it!

The road is pretty complicated and you will need a 4 × 4 car to finish your roadblock, I explained to them more about this in this post. In addition, along the road, it is necessary to cross a road. Keep an eye on their schedules, okay?

Once you have the locomotion part organized, just mount the script with the places you want to stop. There are several parks and reserves on Carretera Austral and they are all wonderful. As there are many places, I selected the 10 best ones for you already have some reference points.

Pumalín Park

One of the most beautiful parks in the region is Pumalín, which has more than 300 thousand hectares. It is huge and aims to preserve the environment, which has a well diversified flora and fauna that could be explored.

In addition to hiking, you can also fish, bike, kayak, canoe, among other things. This area is so ecologically rich that many consider the park as a sanctuary of nature. Another cool thing there is that the entrance to the park is free. Needless to say, it’s a must-have, right?

Queulat national park

Like the Pumalín, the Queulat National Park is huge and surrounded by amazing nature. It has lakes, waterfalls and also various animals such as sea lions, herons, deer and pumas. The place is great for those who enjoy nature and want to do trekking or mountaineering, for example. The entrance is paid, but no nonsense – currently (Jan / 2018) are 5000 Chilean pesos for foreign adults, which gives just over $ 25.00. It is worth researching the values at the time you go.

Hornopirén National Park

Smaller than the other two parks above, the Hornopirén is nevertheless a wonderful place. The forest of this park is native to the region and, along with it, you will also see rivers, lakes and more rocky areas. For those who enjoy a region full of “contrasting” landscapes, it is a must-see.

Entry is not paid for and the main recommendation for this location is that you go with appropriate clothing and shoes. As it rains a lot there, the route is more slippery, so it is so important that you stay alert for the trails and go with the clothes – and boots – correct.

National Reserve Cerro Castillo

The landscapes of Cerro Castillo National Reserve are surreal, I swear! The place is wonderful and with incredible trails. It is also considered an archaeological site and has super blue lagoons – they seem to lie. The entrance fee is just over $ 15.00, but it is possible to spend the night there as they have an area with camping, restrooms and showers. Oh, if you’d rather just stop by the reservation, have a picnic! It’s a different activity and you can still rest a bit.

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