The best free tours of the port

Saving is that kind of thing we always have to think about and try to put into practice, right? When traveling to other countries, for example, one of the biggest difficulties for all of us is the price of the currency. In the case of Portugal, the euro ends up weighing heavily in the pocket of us Brazilians, despite being one of the most “considered” places in Europe.

With that in mind, one of the best ways to not spend that much money is by including free tour alternatives in the script. In Porto, although a good part of the sights are paid, there are still some very interesting options that are worth a visit. I chose the best ones there to share with you.

Harbor city park

Tours through parks are always welcome, especially when we are getting to know some urban center. In Porto, one of the green areas best known by tourists is the City Park. It has several lakes that make the landscape even more beautiful.

It is the perfect setting both for taking amazing photos and also for making a peaceful and super pleasant walk. Oh, part of it is close to the sea, so it’s also a great spot to watch the sunset and the ocean.

São bento station

After meeting the subways of Russia, it was difficult to find other stations as beautiful as the ones we saw there. However, São Bento Station, in Porto, is also wonderful. The blue tile panel leaves anyone enchanted. In addition, this type of architectural decoration is one of the most characteristic of the country.

The painting of the tiles represents different moments of Portugal, from historical moments to everyday scenes and others focused on religion. It’s worth taking a stroll there and take the train to somewhere you want to visit too!


I already told you about Serralves in the museum post in Porto, but it does not cost anything to reinforce the idea, right? Admission is free on the first Sunday of every month, from 10am to 1pm. It is somewhat restricted for those who do not have the possibility of planning to go at the end of some month, but it is worth it if you have the opportunity. It is mainly focused on contemporary art, with both the collection and the temporary exhibitions being fine.

Foz do douro

Another place that I also mentioned for you, but deserved to be on this list is Foz do Douro. As I counted on the points post to watch the sunset, the place doubles as a large boardwalk and has incredible views of the ocean, especially at dusk.

Strolling along this bank of the city and stopping by the garden of Passeio Alegre is a great program to end the day with a very quiet and unforgettable activity. Then just explore the area and find a new restaurant to sample different foods and spices!

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