The best Coffee and Bakery Bakers

The gastronomy of Germany was one of the things that surprised me the most. I loved all the restaurants I went to and I wanted to know even more different places. Even if you want to know the best places to have lunch or dinner there, just click here.

In addition to these two meals, it is always good to take a break for a snack in the morning or in the afternoon. With that in mind, I selected the most recommended cafes and bakeries in Berlin for you. All of them have delicious options for cheating on the stomach, you know?


With four units throughout the city, The Barn is one of the favorite cafés of tourists as well as locals. The first of them was opened in 2010 in the Gallery District, one of the busiest regions of Berlin.

All the shops of the brand have a modern and cool atmosphere, ideal for those who value both food and also the aesthetics and design of the environment. The owners of the space are true enthusiasts of coffee, so they redouble the care with the grains that will be the origin of the coffee made by them. They always look for sustainable producers who work with seasonal grains, which makes the product even fresher and more flavorful.


The Arabic and Tunisian touches in Ben Rahim products are the main difference of the place. The ambiance of the cafe is quite small and it is more frequented by locals, which makes the whole experience go even more incredible. After all, it’s always about feeling inside the culture of the country you’re meeting, right?

The coffees and croissants are delicious and everything is prepared with enough attention by the shop staff. As the space is small, it is very common for people to order drinks or savory to go. This is a great choice for anyone with Mitti and wants to grab something to eat while walking through the area.


If you’re the type who loves teas, be sure to put Companion Coffee in your script. The owners of the place traveled several places to know different types of cafes and only after that they decided to open the own store in Berlin.

The café works in partnership with Voo Store, which is an incredible clothing store in town. It is a good place for those who want to go instead to shop and then have some delicious tea or coffee. The grains used are also seasonal, so the coffee flavor may change slightly depending on when you go.


Bonanza Coffee is one of the most hipster style cafes in the city. The walls are all concrete and the decor is all minimalist, leaving the ambiance quite modern. They are super concerned about the quality of the coffee they serve, so everything is carefully selected in search of bringing the best vintages to the coffee.

In addition, the grains of this place go through the minimum roasting process. According to the brand, this way of treating the grain makes the coffee more flavorful and you can feel the difference in the palate! If you go to them and enjoy the coffee, you can also buy sacks with the coffee beans served by them.

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