Get to know Italy by Train

Two weeks is enough time to visit Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome

Milan – 2 nights

Served by direct flights from Brazil and well connected to the railway network, the city is a beautiful kick-off.

The dazzle begins with the Duomo, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. After exploring, head to the restaurant May, at the top of the La Rinascente store, for drinks with a view of the postcard. Next door is the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, which was born in 1877 to be an elegant shopping preserve and to this day bathes in any mall.

Save an evening to explore the Bohemian neighborhood of Navigli, before heading to Venice, at 2:40 a.m. by fast train.

Venice – 3 nights

The beauty of the city can dazzle even the crowd of tourists. There are delightfully cliché attractions: a gondola ride, a climb to the steeple of the Basilica of San Marco, a spin on the Palazzo Ducale.

But, to eat, pass away from the menus in English and follow the local to the bacari, traditional bars specialized in snacks, called by there cicchetti. One of the best, outside the muvuca, is the Osteria Al Cicheto, which serves a buttery cod of very light texture.

It is close to Santa Lucia Station, from where trains depart to Florence in just over two hours.

Florence – 4 nights

In the city of the Renaissance, love of art is not enough to give a nod to David, Michelangelo, Galleria dell’Accademia, or to the many canvases by Caravaggio and Boticelli at Galleria degli Uffizi. The program requires planning: buy tickets online – in the summer, well in advance – to stick the queues around the block.

The churches also keep a collection of art of respect: do not miss Santa Maria Novella, which has a museum in the back, and the Duomo, whose ticket allows you to climb up to the summit – buying online, with scheduled time, is imperative.

To spend some time in the museums, wander around aimlessly until you reach the Ponte Vecchio, which stands firm in its 671 years.


A regional train journey of 1h10min separates Florence from the most famous tower in Italy.

Up close, the Tower of Pisa is a masterpiece of white marble, full of details; from afar, grace is to abuse selfishness in the face of its curious inclination.

Anyone who wants to climb to the top needs to pay and fit into the groups that are formed every 30 minutes – again, better buy online with guaranteed time. To this tower is just one of the buildings that make up the Piazza dei Miracoli scenery: there is also a cathedral, a baptistery, two museums and a cemetery.

The square is five minutes from Pisa San Rossore Station, served by regional trains.

Rome – 4 nights

Book the last days of the trip and a lot of breath for Rome. The marathon of tourist spots demands willingness to hit leg and climb ladder – the one that leads up to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most drawn.

In fact, visiting the Vatican without feeling like paying for your sins is only possible for those who buy before admission to the museum, which includes the Sistine Chapel.

The compulsory tours do not end there: you have to enter the Colosseum, walk around the ruins of the Roman Forum and visit the Galleria Borghese collection.

To save money and time, buy the Roma Pass, which gives you the right to all this, plus free access to public transport.


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