Amazing Places in Brazil to Enjoy the Summer

The beach season has arrived! See a selection with five destinations on the coast that deserve your visit at this station

The heat came and, with it, the desire to travel to the coast. Enjoy the sea, know the culture and history of the place, try the typical foods … All this experience is very enriching and relaxing. But how to program all the details of the trip in a simple way in a disputed time like the summer? And where to go, with so many beautiful places in Brazil?

For the first question, the answer is easy: the tip is to plan everything online through an online booking application, such as Expedia, a world reference in this area. Book flights, lodging, cars and tours is much more practical and fast: you do not have to leave your home, you compare prices, read the evaluation of who has already stayed in hotels, see the map where is each accommodation, take advantage of promotions, hire everything in hour and then manages the app.

Already on the destination, the choice is a little more difficult, since the Brazilian coast is full of incredible cities. But to make this task uncomplicated, we have selected five sure-fire options to follow, each with a style. There, just choose your favorite, hire the services by computer or cell phone and pack.

Salvador, Bahia

The charms of the Bahian capital are recognized all over the world. The natural beauties of the first national capital, as well as the high-spirits of its inhabitants, are attractive for tourists from all regions of Brazil and from different countries. The beaches of Porto and Farol da Barra are the most sought after in the urban area. And those of Stella Maris, Itapuã and Flamengo, although away from the center, usually make success on the weekends.

If the focus is not just the sea, visit Modelo Market in the Lower City and then climb up the Lacerda Elevator to get to Pelourinho – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. Walking through the historical center of Salvador is a guarantee of a cultural tour full houses, museums, ateliers and cultural spaces. In summer, the Olodum band rehearses in Largo do Pelourinho twice a week and is another must-see. And do not forget to enjoy the best of the famous Bahian cuisine, with delicacies like acarajé, moqueca, stew and bobo. 

Fortaleza, Ceara

The capital of Ceará certainly has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brazil. With impeccable infrastructure to cater for tourists, Praia do Futuro is the best place in town, with super equipped tents, internet, massage, water park and the beautiful sea that only the Northeast has. But those who have a little time can also spend the day in other beaches in Ceara, very close to the capital, such as Canoa Quebrada and Cumbuco.

The nightlife in Fortaleza is also very interesting and lively. At Rua Dragão do Mar, for example, the bars set up in old colored houses are a charm apart. The gastronomy is not far behind: the pargo roasted in salt coarse is one of the most requested dishes in the tents located on the edge of Praia do Futuro. 

Recife, Pernambuco

Thanks to its landscape, cut by rivers, the city is known as the Brazilian Venice. The catamaran ride, downtown, for example, provides a unique experience for tourists, who can admire the historic buildings of the colonial period and explore the geography of the Capibaribe River. Walking through the Old Recife, you can visit Marco Zero, the Craft Market, Bom Jesus Street with its colorful buildings, the Giant Dolls Embassy, ​​the Malakoff Tower, among other points. Nearby, there is still the beautiful Golden Chapel, with its interior all covered with gold.

Leaving the old part of the city, do not miss the famous Boa Viagem Beach, with its warm, green waters. And try some typical Pernambuco dishes, such as the delicious roll cake, made with thin layers of cake, rolled with guava. View more Recife hotel deals and discount room rates.

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